Schnitzel (breadcrumbed at home)

Every once in a while, I have a hankering for schnitzel. Thankfully, we live near the supermarket, so it’s easy to make the dream into reality. Even though I was used to buying my schnitzel pre-breadcrumbed, I have since learned that the ones I make at home are far tastier (and I know what goes in them, which makes them that much nicer).

All of it starts with good quality schnitzel of course. Because we’re quite frugal, my husband and I will use only one schnitzel for the both of us, but because we start by tenderizing the meat, we can really make it last. Once the tenderizing (i.e. putting the meat between two pieces of baking paper and bashing it with a rolling pin until it’s thin and twice the size) has finished, I get 4 plates and, frankly, a huge amount of spices and herbs. Yes, I like my schnitzel with lots of flavour, and like Papa from “The 100 Foot Journey” (great film by the way!), I’m not afraid of using lots of spices to get that flavour. Here’s how I usually do it:

I get 4 medium-sized plates (they’re breakfast plates with a higher rim), and put them out on the counter. I add one or two tablespoonfulls of flour (the plain kind) to one plate, I crack an egg on the second plate and loosen the yolk with a fork, and I add some breadcrumbs to the third plate. The fourth plate is for the finished schnitzel.

Next, I season both the flour and the breadcrumbs and then I add whatever spices I’m into that day (also to both flour and breadcrumbs). Yesterday, for instance, I used quite a list: garlic powder, onion powder, sweet, spicy and smoked paprika powder, a tiny bit of curry powder.


After all the spices have been mixed through the flour and the breadcrumbs, the actual breadcrumbing happens. It’s a messy business really, dipping the schnitzel in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs, but what you’re left with afterwards is nothing short of wonderful.

schnitzel voor het bakken

Of course, after that comes the actual cooking. I use a skillet and usually some butter. I tend to go for a medium to high heat fir the first bit, frying off both sides, and then I lower the heat to warm up the inside a bit more.

This time, my husband made ratatouille to go with it and it was the perfect acompaniment (I do hope I wrote that right, I’m not entirely sure).


So, would I make it again? YES, definitely.

What would I change? I’d probably change up the spices to taste, whatever I fancy at the time really.

What’s your favourite recipe that you feel I really should try? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to get to try out new recipes.

That’s all for now, until next time!



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