Lemon curd and lemon and blueberry muffins

A little while ago, I had a hankering for muffins. I wanted something fruity and zesty and went in search of an appropriate recipe. It wasn’t long before I found a delicious recipe for lemon and blueberry muffins, but there was a tiny problem: I didn’t have the required lemon curd.


Of course a problem like that is never truly a problem when you have ingredients and recipes, so the search went on to lemon curd. Well, I found a wonderful recipe that didn’t seem too difficult (I had never made lemon curd before, so I wasn’t entirely certain I could succeed at making it myself). All the ingredients were already in my home, so I quickly got started.


Because both recipes are to be found online and in English, I’ll simply put up links to them. The recipe for the here and the recipe for the lemon and blueberry muffins is here.


I started with the lemon curd recipe, because I figured it would need some time to cool before I could actually use it in the other recipe.The instructions were fairly simple and were absolutely right. I just got a little bit impatient at one point and turned the heat a little higher. In hindside, that was a mistake. While the lemon curd tasted absolutely wonderful and had a great consistency, a very small part of the egg whites cooked too quickly, so there were some small white flecks in the curd. They didn’t bother me, because the flecks were only very small and there weren’t very many, but I’d prefer it if they weren’t there of course.


The verdict for the lemon curd is: I’m DEFINITELY making this again, and apart from keeping the heat a little lower, not becoming so impatient, and maybe not adding the lemon zest (I used my finest zester, but the peel ended up in little strings and they would stay behind in my moouth, which I don’t like) I wouldn’t change a thing. The curd was very tart, very lemony, and absolutely delicious! I did have a picture of the curd, but somehow, that picture looks unappetizing. I must put that down to my “skills” in photography, because in real life it looked amazing and tasted even better. I’ll show it here because I’m all about the good as well as the bad, but please keep in mind that reality was so much better than this one not so great picture.


My ugly picture of utterly fantastic lemon curd

You can’t say I didn’t warn you…

Anyway, on to the next bit!

Once the lemon curd had been made, I started on the muffins. I’m not sure if you know the Hairy Bikers, but my husband and I like to watch their shows. They’re funny, they love their food and they have no fear of the good things in life. Yes, I’m talking about fat and sugar.


Again, the instructions were fairly simple, but in hindsight I was glad that I ended up with more than I could get into the oven in one go. The first batch, I did everything exactly as it was said in the recipe, but because the sugar on top of the lemon curd started to burn, the first batch came out looking rather dark. Those muffins also had a few edges that tastd a little….burnt.


The first batch is at the back, the second batch is at the front in this picture.



So, for the second batch, I decided to just skip the sprinkling of sugar that the Bikers recommend, and those muffins actually turned out amazing! The muffins came out very soft and they smelled absolutely fantastic. The lemon curd on the top gave them that extra zing and also helped the muffins stay moist. If I had to say one negative thing about these muffins (which in my opinion really isn’t a negative at all, but some people might nont like it) it would have to be that they ended up a little bit sticky.


All in all, I would love to make these lemon and blueberry muffins again, but now I know that I prefer them without the sugar on top of the curd.


What are your favourite muffin-recipes? Please let me know in the comments and who knows, they might feature in a future post!



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